Communication Coaching               
in small groups               

Speak up, be heard, CONNECT                    
with God, yourself, and others                    
Make changes that impact your relationships                    

Grow Spiritually

Learn to hear God's quiet voice more clearly, know His purpose for your life and move toward it

Heal Your Relationships

Learn how to unlock joy in your relationships and use conflict to help your connections deepen

Be More Confident

When you live for God, know your purpose, handle your relationships better, and know how to be heard, you feel more confident, even when things are hard

We don't just care about good communication... 

We care about YOU.

Want more confidence? Deeper relationship with God & others? More impactful leadership? 

We can help you make a greater impact!

  • Experience - Since 1991, Nina Roesner has been helping people solve their leadership and relational challenges as a communication coach. She has a masters degree in communication and certificates in Relationship Coaching and Christian Marriage Coaching from the Institute of Life Coach Training. She spent 15 years developing course content and leaders at all levels with Dale Carnegie Training. She has been coaching leaders, couples, pastors, wives, and speakers since 1991. Nina is a Harper Collins author, and has led Greater Impact since 2005. 
  • Nina leads a team of highly trained certified coaches who have helped thousands of people grow spiritually, relationally, and in their leadership abilities.  The Greater Impact team has helped them unify their teams and families and navigate change. Greater Impact has worked with secular businesses, non-profits, church staffs, individual leaders, couples, and speakers. And the results last.
  • Proven Method - The methods used are scientifically proven to have lasting results and are Biblically based, supported by solid science.
  • Track Record - We've seen God lead thousands out of despair and into deeper connection with Him and other significant relationships. Join our many participants who have stepped into God's calling for their lives! 




What our participants say...

Working with Greater Impact saved us. We were at the end of our rope, police were involved, both of us were hopeless. God used her to facilitate a new beginning for us and created hope where there was none before. We have grown in our faith and our relationship with each other as a result of working with her.
Tom & Clara

So encouraging to have the skills that really work to solve problems in your marriage.

I have the confidence I need to run my company at a whole different level. I'm a more confident speaker and have better relationships with my people.

Because of Greater Impact, we had a victory in our marriage; first in 35 years!

I learn SO MUCH every time I do this!

I started my own company as a result of hearing God's purpose for my life. It's been eight years and it's still going strong!

Knowing something and doing it are two different arenas. Coaching helped me to talk through difficult situations and receive not only feedback, but learn from others as well. It helped me to set boundaries in both my personal and work relationships that I had never done before. It has been messy at times, but having the tools that are part of Greater Impact Ministry has helped me to press on to healthier living. I am so grateful the Lord provided this support system to help me grow and change. 

The anger and resentment have dialed down in a major way and the positivity and connection have increased. I never would have gotten there without the helpful strategies in this course.

I feel like I've been set free from so many shackles! I feel freedom to do what God has called me to do!

All of us have moments where we discover we need to show up differently.
The problem is, few of us have grown up in homes where we learned what to say & how to say it. 
We don't have the words. We haven't seen it before.
So, we stay stuck.

Your Coach will help with that.
In our coaching method we use the content from
"What to Say & How to Say It." 

You will learn how to find the words to help you navigate the challenging situations you find yourself in.

Receive greater help to move forward with new information, using what works in relationships by learning what to say & how to say it.

Your coach will help you learn how to speak up, be heard, and CONNECT with God, yourself, and others in a way that brings you PEACE and JOY.
  • Find Purpose: Your true purpose comes from a special combination of your hidden gifts and passions given to you by God. We will help you uncover your gifts and passions that will then reveal to you your true purpose in life - the pursuit of which will give you the joy and contentment you've been seeking.  Your wife coach will help you to cut through all that chaos, and discover what you truly want for your life. She'll help you identify those unnecessary wants and desires in your life, so that you can focus on what's really important.
  • Solve your relationship problems: ​So often our communication issues get in the way of true connection and create conflict between us and those we care about. Your coach will help you discover where your challenges come from and how to overcome them. Connect more deeply with God through listening and healing prayer experiences as you or your coach feels led, listen to the Holy Spirit and move forward in your relationships in a way that honors God and brings you peace and joy.
  • Build Your Confidence: Whatever it is you do in life, you'll do it better and with more enjoyment when you have God-confidence. The opposite is also true - even the simplest tasks can be outright terrifying when you don't have the confidence you need. Your wife coach will guide you, helping you acknowledge and celebrate those little victories, building your confidence to address the bigger challenges in your relationships.
  • Get Motivated: Sometimes, when we least expect it, life punches us in the face. We lose our job, lose a loved one, fall into former bad habits, sink into depression, and so on. If left alone, it could take years - if ever - to become our new awesome selves. That's where your wife coach can help. She is your #1 fan, and will jump in to motivate you out of your funk. Let's get mushy: Your wife coach loves you and she will be there with you to help discover your desired outcome.
  • Get the Tools You Need to Reach Your Goals: Your wife coach isn't just about words and motivation. She will get in the trenches with you as you continue refining your goals. She understands this one, sacred truth in life: It's actions, not words, that create change. She will arm you with the tools and skills you need to accomplish your goals.
  • Grow Spiritually: Our coaching is base on Biblical principles and values. We help you learn to listen to the Holy Spirit who is the best source for guidance, comfort, and truth.
  • Live Life to the Fullest: Has this promise from God alluded you? Our coaching can help you embrace the abundant living you've been seeking.
  • Get the Guidance and Support You Need: Your wife coach will guide you at a pace that will keep you accountable to your desired goals. Your continued successes will impact your growing character.
  • Find True Contentment: Contentment and thankfulness go hand in hand. Your wife coach will help you develop a thankful attitude that leads to contentment.
  • Get Coaching Remotely: Best of all, you don't need to go out to meet a wife coach in their office for expensive hourly sessions. We are online, saving you time, money, and energy.
Our coaches work to enable clients to move toward change, create new
awareness, and move into action, while keeping in mind the bigger picture of humanity as taught by a biblical worldview. 

Since clients vary in their walks of life or perspectives on faith, the coach  chooses a framework that best suit the client’s agenda, and yes, we can do this within a group context!

The biblical perspective remains the lens through which the 
coach views the client. 

The integration of that perspective is adapted sensitively, 
to each client, even within a group.

Read a more in-depth Definition of Christian Coaching here.

What else do I need to know?
After you sign up, we will email a Coaching Agreement which you will need to complete and sign before your first coaching session.
What if I need to cancel my coaching subscription?
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